PINK CUBE (Oslo) is a pink exhibition space with a wall-paint containing body fluids. With a good gender balance it is an alternative to the typical sterile white cube and it's inherent power structures, founded by artist Anja Carr in January 2011. Situated first at Grünerløkka and later at Grønland, Oslo until 2016, it is now a nomadic space, with the possibility of traveling to different venues and countries with it's unique wall-paint.

All the exhibitions at PINK CUBE are art-battles between two artists or artist groups. The duel-format aims to boosts fruitful artistic dialogue among artists from different generations and/or parts of the world and gives them the opportunity to test their artistic strengths. The battles include up-and-coming and well established artists working with all kinds of media.

In 2012 PINK CUBE won the Oslo-prize Best art of the year for Battle #8. In 2014 Carr had a special focus on live-performance and invited two co-curators; Maaike Gouwenberg (NL) and NO WAY (UK). Participation at fairs include Fredrikstad Independent Art Fair (NO, 2012) and Stockholm Independent Art Fair (SE, 2015).

PINK CUBE is supported by Arts Council Norway and The Municipality of Oslo, The Agency for Cultural Affairs

Above: Tammo Rist Explosion drawings (The Black Portrait) (condoms, acrylic paint and firecrackers on canvas) 2011 (left) Morten Kvamme Doubting the stalkers path (installation in three parts: steel, bandage, wax with spraypaint, fluorescent tubes with special made frequency) 2012 (middle) and Tammo Rist and Carl Fredrik Berg Last Chance 69 (model aeroplane, fur etc.) 2012 (right).